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The Rivers

People in a raft in white waterRiver Classes

  • Class I: Moving water with small waves (ideal for beginners)

  • Class II: Rapids with waves up to three feet high. Clean, unobstructed channels with some maneuvering required. Guide must be able to maintain course.

  • Class III: Irregular waves, scouting necessary, complex maneuvering, obstacles concealed. Difficult to control and maneuver.

  • Class IV: Long, difficult rapids with tight passages. Boat tipping and swamping are real possibilities. If a customer falls in the water a possibility of injury is ever present.

  • Class V: Quick rescue procedings must be in place. Precise and professional knowledge of the river course is a must.

These classifications are based on Panamanian standards. We have been told many times that these classifications are understated compared to American and other classifications. Note: During the rainy season our Class III is easily comparable to a U.S. Class IV.

We reserve the right at any time to cancel trips if water levels exceed our standards of river safety for customers and guides.

Available Rafting Excurcions

All of these rivers are tropical and water temperature is never an issue. Most tours must have a minimum of 4 passengers for safety reasons. Please call or email us and we can tell you what is available or if there is another group we can pair you up with.

Chiriqui River Rafting reserves the right to cancel trips if water levels exceed our standards of river safety.

Rio GaricheRio Gariche

Consisting of mostly Class II and III

Consisting of mostly Class II and III excursions, this trip has abundant vegetation, exotic birds, pristine waterfalls and often times sightings of monkeys. This river offers that quintessential combination of sheer tropical beauty and exciting whitewater for the whole family.

Available Months: May – November Only.
Minimum Age: 8

Rio Majagua - (Ideal for Children 6+)Rio Majagua

Located close to the city of David, this section is convenient for families looking for an introduction to the whitewater world. Adults and children alike will take pleasure in this river's exciting whitewater as well as swimming through the many calm and tranquil pools found throughout this section.

Available Months: May – November Only.
Minimum Age: 6

Rio Grande

rio grande

If you arrive in Panama City and are interested in a mild rafting, adventure, then consider the Rio Grande. It is a two hour drive on a four lane highway and a great family tour! This is the great rafting tour.

Available Months: May - November
Minimum Age: 6

Rio Chiriqui Viejo

Class IIIrio chiriqui

This river is located near the border of Costa Rica and is the most popular white water adventure location in Panama. The river has continuous rapids and is a fun and exciting river for the whole family. Driving time is approximately 2 hours.

Available Months: All year except Holidays, Saturdays and Sundays

Rio Fonseca


Boca de Balsa Section - Class III and IVrio fonseca

Located in the Ngobe-Bugle Indian Territory. During rainy season this is perhaps one of the most challenging rivers left untouched by hydropower construction and similar projects. This river is ideal for families and groups with excellent swimming holes in its crystal clear waters. We only hire and train Ngobe-Bugle Indian guides.

Available Months: May – December
Minimum Age: 8

River Floating


The package is available on either the Lower Fonseca or the Rio Grande. Each river offers nature contemplation, bird watching and excellent swimming areas.


If you need personalized service please call us. We will plan and book your tour and activities as well as airport pick up from David or lodging. Tell us what you want and we will create a package just for you. Contact us any time!

Package 1 - Camping and rafting the Rio Grande

Package 2 - Horseback riding and water falls (Minimum 4 people)

Package 3 - Rafting and Canopy Tour