Chiriqui River Rafting


Prices range between $60.00 - $90.00 per person depending on the river tour. Call or email us (listed at the top of the page) for information on the trip you are interested in. 

What is Included


Group of people ready to raft

All of our equipment is imported from the foremost rafting outfitters of the United States. We provide top of the line Aire self-bailing rafts that are built specifically to withstand the rigors of descending rivers and repeated brushings with Mother Nature. We also provide US Coast Guard approved type III-V lifejackets and helmets that must be worn at all times within the rafts. Thorough and complete first aid kits are provided on each trip as well as other relevant river safety gear. Our rafts require full interaction with all passengers paddling at the guide’s order. Be ready, paddling is a great workout and provides an incredible feeling of accomplishment and teamwork!


A hefty smorgasbord lunch is provided on all river trips except the mini Rafting at Majagua River. For those limited to certain diets due to religious beliefs or vegetarian preferences, please let us know ahead of time so as to make sure other foods are prepared for your lunch. Drinking water is provided on all boats. Please, No coolers allowed.

NOTE: No alcoholic beverages are allowed on our tours.



Our guides will provide you with detailed instructions before we enter the water, especially important for first-timers. This insures that everyone feels safe and knows what they are doing during the excursion.


Transportation to and from the river is provided from most areas around the Chiriqui province.

We are extremely proud of the professionalism and coutesy of our guides. We scout future guides based on river expertise and personality. We believe in providing an exciting journey that is also safe. In addition, our guides are proud and eager to teach and point out to our participants the various birds and animals you will likely see on the river.


  • Most tours must have a minimum of 4 passengers to conduct the activity. In some cases a minimum of 3 is acceptable. We can arrange groups for fewer.
  • Chiriqui River Rafting reserves the right to cancel trips if water levels exceed our standards of river safety.