Chiriqui River Rafting
Chiriqui River Rafting

Chiriqui River Rafting

Your guide to Panama's finest rafting adventures!

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We are a family operated adventure company that has pioneered the sport of river rafting in Panama. We offer incredible ways to experience Panama's beautiful landscape and unique culture through various white water excursions. We are the only rafting company in Panama to utilize Ngobe-Bugle (Guaymi) Indians as river guides.

River Rafting

Panama is a country world renounced for its rivers of rare and remote beauty. The rivers vary in difficulty, providing white water adventures for every rafter, beginner to most advanced. As a company, we provide our clients with everything including meals, equipment, transportation, guides and safety personnel. We guarantee an unforgettable trip that you won't want to miss out on!


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"..where the nights are cool, the coffee is steaming and locally grown, and anyone who visits is tempted, if only for a moment, to ditch their old lives and relocate." - National Geographic Adventure Magazine

"Our first experience at "white water rafting" on the Chiriquí river with Hector Sanchez and this company Chiriqui River Rafting was all we were hoping for and more." - - Panama's #1 Travel Guide

"Chiriquí River Rafting is run by Héctor Sanchez, a rafting pioneer in the Chiriquí Highlands, with more than 2 decades of experience and an excellent safety record." - Frommer's

"When we ran Chiriqui Viejo it was true to it’s class 3 rating with a few technical moves and consistent, boat-soaking waves." - Tyler Grimes

"..this was precisely the adventure we were after when we traveled all the way to Panama." - Jetsetters Magazine

"...we booked our trip through Chiriqui River Rafting/Hector Sanchez and our guides were some of the best I’ve ever had. They have an excellent safety record, made sure we had a memorable experience, and took pride in what they do. A wonderful day." - Lonely Planet Thorn Tree forum

"We’ve the slightly surprising news that Panama is actually the happiest country in the world, overtaking the former global nirvana of Denmark." - Forbes

"..Panama 1st, in global well-being poll" - USA Today


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